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Competence orientation is the key to success

With the edubreak®CAMPUS, you can create a unique teaching and learning experience on a compact online learning platform. Dive into the wide range of functions that our online learning environment offers you as a lecturer, campus manager and participant.

All Features & Benefits

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All tasks at a glance

As a teacher, you can track the processing status of your participants in the task cockpit and give them feedback.

Create, edit and check competence-oriented tasks to impart skills in a sustainable way.

As a learner, you can see an overview of your upcoming and completed tasks. You can view your processing progress and your open to-dos for each task.

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Boost learning comprehension through different types of tasks

Text contributions, video commentaries, user-generated video content, mind maps, questionnaires, online tests, documents and more – use a wide range of options to promote your participants’ understanding of learning, reflection and transfer skills.

As a trainer, you can control how learners approach tasks and actively engage with the learning content.

edubreak®CAMPUS Features

Document your progress and ideas using multimedia

With the edubreak®portfolio, you can collect, reflect on, select and comment on the content you have created in a multimedia portfolio. Documenting your personal learning path and success in this way is not only exciting and motivating, but can also serve as a competence-oriented examination element or innovative, multimedia application portfolio.
Social Video Player Features

Experience social video learning with the interactive video player

Watch, stop, comment on and discuss videos – edubreak®player specially developed for social video learning, offers all this and more on the learning platform.

Comment on relevant or unclear aspects of the video using text, symbols or drawings. Your learning group can view your comments and re-comment and discuss them directly in the video. This creates a lively exchange on the relevant scenes in the video, in which different opinions and perspectives can be shared and discussed.

Also highlight relevant video sequences with the help of numerous tools such as zoom, shapes, text fields or different playback speeds.

Connect tasks with your video

As an instructor, your video on the learning platform can serve as the core content for a task set by your course participants. In the task cockpit, you can link the task and video in no time at all.

As a participant, the task including fulfillment criteria (e.g. video commentary) will be displayed in your respective course in edubreak®CAMPUS.

Now that the video is available to the learning group in the social video player – a lively, interactive exchange is created!

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Functions included

edubreak®Dialog Video-Konferenz

edubreak®dialog: Integrated video conferencing for synchronized exchange

In addition to asynchronous social video learning, you can use edubreak®dialog to plan and conduct in-course online meetings and webinars directly on the online learning platform. As you wish, the sessions are automatically recorded and made available directly in your course. This allows you to open up the space afterwards for participants who were not present to ask questions and contribute to the discussion asynchronously with video comments. All content ends up in the associated course and is therefore easy for everyone to find.

edubreak®match Multiple-Choice-Fragen

edubreak®match: Check knowledge and competence using in-video questions 

Interactive hotspots, single-choice or multiple-choice questions: With edubreak®match, you can check directly in the video whether learners have understood the content or can transfer it; As soon as a question appears, the video stops and only continues when the question has been answered. In addition, specific playback paths can be created with little effort, which show learners a predefined video sequence depending on their answer to a question.

Further included features

  • Dashboard: Sharing information, appointments, links, reminders, etc.
  • Video-Library: Structured collection of instructional videos, user-generated content or meeting recordings
  • Messenger: Closed one-to-one or one-to-many communication
  • edubreak®lecture: Illustration of teaching texts with the possibility of collaborative editing through commenting, structuring and linking with tasks
  • edubreak®teams: Cooperation between learners in working groups
  • edubreak®certificate: Automatic generation of performance certificates, based on organization-specific design templates
  • edubreak®time: Activatable function to document the time investment per task
  • edubreak®remote: Time-synchronized discussion of videos in online meetings without loss of quality or time delays using “remote control” of all video players by the moderator

Functions that can be added

edubreak®adhoc Dialog Feature

edubreak®adhoc-dialog: Invite external parties to webinars and online meetings

Would you also like to invite external interested parties to your online events? Then use the edubreak®adhoc-dialog extension to invite people without an edubreak® account to webinars and online meetings. This allows you to conduct, record and save all of your organization's internal and external video communication via your edubreak®CAMPUS.

Our partner Hetzner Online uses electricity from renewable sources to power the servers in the data center parks. This means that all edubreak® products run on servers with 100% green electricity and 0% CO2 emissions.

edubreak® online tutoring

Benefit from individual technical and didactic advice & support.

Our online tutors are on hand with help and advice and support teachers, especially during the preparation and first runs of their courses on the edubreak®CAMPUS.

Didactic support

Book additional didactic support for your courses:

  • Support for those responsible for education in the preparation & implementation of courses in edubreak®
  • Consultation during the conception phase in terms of didactic design and development of hybrid educational formats

Technical support

Technical support is included with your courses:

  • Didactic consultation on course design and task creation
  • Consulting and support with the technical implementation in edubreak®CAMPUS
  • Support with the onboarding and supervision of speakers and participants

Are you interested in an individual consultation?

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